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Global Gallery WordPress Responsive Gallery

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Global Gallery Wordpress Responsive Gallery

Global Gallery WordPress Responsive Gallery manage media library image, wp categories, Flickr, tumblr, local server images, twitter, google drive, Pinterest, next generation galleries and ny rss feed. To get global gallery it’s like having four different plugins. Galleries can be displayed using fixed image size, columnized disposition, masonry engine or also through the awesome photosetting layout. You can make image tags filter and search and each image can be tagged , turning on the galleries filtering engine. You can also count on a live search engine, orientating among thousand of images won’t be a problem. Sometimes you need to use a small image box to trigger an evire gallery. Global gallery has a dedicated system for this, 6 layouts and many possible combinations,
Global gallery also incudes a responsive slider for your image. It’s mobile optimized with touch interactions. Tune everything responsive behavior sliding effects, timing and more, This Plugin brings a fully featured carousel. As slider is flexible as you need. Plus has got a special mode to create wonderful logo carousels, This plugin comes with 7 lightbox ready to be used and fully configurable. Lc lightbox in particular has got premium features like fullscreen mode, image zoom and a complete deep linking engine. You can use discus or Facebook comments and get ready in minutes, Protect your images using global gallery watermarking system. Original pictures path will be totally hidden. Is as simple as choose which image to use, its opacity and its position. Don’t wanna lose time selecting images one by one you can create galleries with just only one click,

Features of Global Gallery WordPress Responsive Gallery:

  • Magnific Popup
  • image Lightbox
  • Photo box
  • Unlimited photo galleries. Each one capable of storing thousands of images
  • 4 gallery layouts: Standard (fixed images sizes), columnized, masonry and photo string (justified)
  • Gallery image tags filter and search
  • Image-to-Gallery system featuring 6 different layouts and multiple customizations
  • Images carousel with multi-column and image-centric mode + lightbox support
  • Visual gallery builder with drag & drop sorting and thumbnails cropping management
  • Automatic gallery population with automatic cache update
  • SEO deep link engine for gallery and collection systems
  • Self-hosted images sitemap
  • Awesome fonts
  • Mobile display optimized
  • SEO Optimization
  • Google fonts support
  • Premium Support Service
  • Self-hosted images management system: direct folders creation and files upload with IPTC meta data read/update
  • WordPress image library
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Lot of design
  • Color palette
  • Change colors of every elements
  • WordPress categories or custom post types (associated to a taxonomy)
  • Pinterest boards
  • Google Drive
  • Awesome background
  • Responsive Design
  • Slider revolution
  • Twitter accounts and hashtags
  • Tumblr blogs
  • Simple Lightbox
  • image Lightbox
  • And much more…

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