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Shoptimizer Optimize Your WooCommerce Store

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Shoptimizer Optimize your WooCommerce Store

Shoptimizer is the best and fast WooCommerce theme with ton of features all designed to help you to convert your dream website into reality. It is coded in such way that it will boast your website speed increase the user experience. The theme is fully SEO Optimized and fully responsive. Convert your users into customers to increase your sales. Best option for WooCommerce store due to its highly functional features available on one click. You don’t need to hire a developer.

Features of  Shoptimizer Optimize your WooCommerce store :

  • Pre built recipe templates for import and instant usage
  • Drag and drop interface as Elementor Widget
  • Pre formatted recipe meta with prep time, cook time, total time, yield, total cost, serving size, cost per serving, etc.
  • Auto calculation of total time from prep time and cooking time
  • Auto conversion of time into minutes/hour
  • Built in Nutrition Facts label creator
  • Around 40+ built in nutrients with Standard Daily Values
  • Auto calculation of % DV based on recipe nutrient value as set by user
  •  The reference for standard daily values (DVs) are taken from Wikipedia
  • Built in Meta labels for “Suitable for diet” as multi select list
  • Internal links support for Recipe Meta
  • Custom author name and author URL supported
  • Dynamically add recipe ingredients as single item or groups
  • Ingredient groups can be reordered with drag and drop facility
  • Show/hide recipe name, summary, image, author, date, etc.
  • Valid and recommended Schema Microdata for Recipe content

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