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Basel Theme – Responsive eCommerce Shopify Theme

by Michael
Basel Theme - Responsive eCommerce Shopify Theme

Basel Theme is a professional minimalist AJAX responsive theme built to create a modern powerful e-commerce website. So using the popular Drag and Drop page builder, a lot of theme settings and options, premium sliders, and a Shopify theme, you are able to create a heavy store that looks amazing and perfect on any screen resolution. The Basel theme is suitable for any type of store like cloth, furniture, electronics, accessories, flowers, or any other.

Basel, recently updated to version 3.0, is a multipurpose Shopify theme, offering a perfect-looking storefront for many kinds of eCommerce businesses including electronics, fashion, food, and drink.

Customization options allow you to customize the color scheme and use the Drag and Drop page builder, as well as upload your own logo if you choose.

Basel Responsive Theme

The Basel theme for designing and customizing your website will surely take your business to heights. So Basel has been making particularly for the purpose of serving thee-commerce websites. Basel theme is a professional minimalist AJAX stylish responsive Shopify themeSo it’s used for the creation of amazing and powerful websites whose work and services are in agreement with the e-commerce field.

There’s so important about this Basel theme due to which it’s preferred so much. For illustration, it has got the drag and drop runner creator along with numerous theme settings to make a perfect website. So the website proves suitable for screens of any kind resolutionSo it allows a number of options to choose from while using the settings available with the theme.

So you get to use decoration sliders that give the website a really heavy and beautiful look. All this is responsible for making the store applicable for the guests that are at the end salutary for you.

Then let us now see what makes the Basel theme so special and amazing for thee-commerce people and their websites.

What makes Basel this special?

Multiple reasons and data are there to prove the specialty of the new and innovative Shopify themeSo it can biggest enhance the stylish quality of your website. The Basel Shopify theme comes with so numerous title variations that can be used on the e-commerce website. So customization can be done when using the title layout in extra to the options related to the colors and backgrounds.

There are numerous of kinds in iconstop bar layouts,s and also content, So they can be customized as per the need. It doesn’t end then. There are multitudinous numerous options that let you carry out stylish customization. So you can make beautiful heads for the website that attracts the stoner.

Also, another reason is the availability of a full complete AJAX store. The Basel theme allows one to turn on the AJAX lading for carrying out a hunt on the store page. And other reasons are as follows

• AJAX search: With the Basel themeget to usegreatly important AJAX hunt that is too full screen.

• Color swatches: Get to swatch the size or color attributes with the color block or image. The guests can fluently have a look at all the colors and sizes that are availableSo they can find out what colors are there with varying sizes.

• 360-degree view: This allows for great guest satisfactionSo it also lets you have a better experience as the customer can view the products well enough from all sides. This way they can get to know what special effects are there in the product. They also appreciate the visibility of the product on the screen. It’s a stylish way to impress them.

Demo layouts – Thirty in number

The Basel theme has an aggregate of thirty themes for you at present. Which is ready to prepare further that will come in the future with better inventions and numerous new ideasNow the following demos are available

The remaining twenty themes are fashion flat, bike, sport, organic, parallax, leveefood, RTL, coffee, flat full-range, dark interpretation, shoes, watchesbusiness, portfolio, flowersmarketableagencymotorcars, and the last bone being unidentified at current. In addition to these, there are numerous demonstrations that will be coming soon.

Now, these demonstrations are ready-to-use performancesSo you can choose those that suit your demand the most and apply the same to your website. The demonstrations also give you an idea of the results you’ll get on accepting the Basel themeNow let us bat some specialties and advantages the theme allows us. So let us study them in detail.

Certain extra advantages of the Basel theme

There are some particular points that need to be noted when talking about the Basel Shopify theme. These are as follows:

  • A large number of color schemes: There are two types of colors which are primary and indispensableSo in this Shopify theme options panel, you can use these colorschange them and this way change the overall view of the website. So color schemes can be used for titlestop barslinksbuttons, footers, and much further.
  • Availability of the wish list app: This availability lets you get an important rise in deals. This is due to the app given by the theme. The application can be used by your guests to produce their own want lists that ultimately profit you and your business.
  • Inclusion of Google fonts that too in a large number: It lets you use any system or any of the Google fountain family’s sources in your matter. This can be done to the headlinescontrivance titlesmenus, and numerous further. All this is due to the custom geomorphology options available with the theme.
  • Coding which is well organized and clean: The coding is done in a very methodical way. The proper association is good for both the guests as well as you and the business. The theme has been made with the best code guides that are most popular in the market.
  • Demo installation with a single click: The demonstrations mentioned over can be installed with just one click. You can import the rally content with the theme’s Import point.
  • RTL support: The theme Basel allows you to use any of these languages. So besides these, you can also make your own website in languages like Arabic and Hebrew. This is due to the RTL support the theme provides.

Basel Full features list

  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • 100% Fully Responsive Theme
  • Shopify 2.0 support
  • Translations Ready
  • Free Updates
  • Online Documentation
  • 24/7 Support Forum and contact form
  • Easy Installation and setup
  • Clean and commented code
  • Developed with SCSS
  • Minified JS files
  • Cross Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE10, IE11
  • Custom CSS in theme options
  • AJAX Shop filters
  • AJAX Search
  • Shopify attributes swatches
  • Swatches on the shop page
  • Mega menu
  • Dark version
  • RTL Support
  • One-click demo data installation
  • 1 Click Install (XML files)
  • Mobile site navigation
  • Advanced Theme Options (based on Redux Framework)
  • Different sidebar width
  • Advanced page heading settings
  • Full-width sections
  • 6 Headers types
  • Sticky header
  • Transparent header
  • Header Background
  • Header color scheme
  • Top Bar color schemes
  • Styles for shopping cart widget
  • 10+ Footer layouts
  • Footer color scheme
  • Copyrights area (2 layouts)
  • Prefooter area
  • Custom Typography (All google fonts included)
  • Unlimited colors
  • Different blog styles for categories option
  • Share buttons for blog posts
  • Author biography section
  • Related posts Slider
  • 7 Portfolio styles
  • Portfolio masonry grid
  • Full-width portfolio
  • Portfolio filters color schemes
  • Products sliders
  • Different shop layouts
  • Products masonry Grid
  • Built-in Quick View feature
  • Color and Image swatches built-in
  • Search products by categories widget
  • 3 single product page layouts
    • Small image
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Different Single product styles
  • Photoswipe gallery for images
  • Thumbnails position: left, bottom
  • Social Buttons shortcode
  • Mega categories menu widget
  • Custom dropdown sizes
  • Menu items with images
  • Custom HTML
  • Animated counter shortcode
  • Team Members shortcode
  • Testimonials slider
  • Instagram Widget
  • Twitter widget (slider and list)
  • Styled Banners shortcode
  • Custom sidebars
  • Products (posts) sliders
  • HTML Blocks post type
  • Custom options for pages
  • Custom layouts
  • Page headings images


In conclusion, Basel Theme is a well-designed and versatile theme that offers a range of features and customization options for Shopify stores. It is an ideal theme for businesses looking to create a professional and modern online store that offers a great user experience to their customers.

Basel Theme offers a range of unique features such as the ability to customize product pages, advanced search functionality, and flexible layout options. Additionally, it is optimized for search engines, fast-loading, and responsive, ensuring that the store performs well on all devices.

Overall, Basel Theme is an excellent choice for businesses that want to create an online store that is both visually appealing and highly functional. It is an investment that is likely to pay off in the long run, as it can help to increase conversions, improve customer satisfaction, and build a strong brand identity.

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