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Wokiee Theme – Best Multipurpose Shopify Theme

by Michael
Wokiee Theme - Best Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Wokiee Theme is one of the best eCommerce Shopify themes you could find if versatility is what you’re looking for! Its new update included 16 new skins and loads of blocks to help you create the eCommerce layout you want. So check out the sophisticated atmosphere build by its wallet skin and then compare that to the fun screaming out from its New York burger joint skin:

The Wokiee 1st Ecommerce Shopify Theme

Impossible to believe you’re looking at the same Shopify theme download, right?! This versatility makes the Wokiee theme one of the best eCommerce Shopify templates. So take a look at the demo for even many skins, including one for Craft beer, a coffee shop, a bike store, a comic store, and many others! No doubt, this is one of the best-performing custom Shopify themes.

Wokiee theme is the best Shopify theme for your e-commerce business according to Envato Tuts+!

According to the Tuts+ Wokiee theme is one of the best e-commerce templates in 2022!

According to the Envato Tuts+ Wokiee theme is one of the best Shopify Themes in 25 Best Shopify Themes With elegant eCommerce Designs!

Wokiee Shopify Theme

Wokiee Theme is more than a common Shopify theme. It is the most powerful design tool. Wokiee theme is an outstanding Premium Shopify theme. So it will be the perfect solution for your current or future website. It has all the required tools and modules to build a super fast responsive and mobile-ready website with beautiful UX. Therefore a great variety of numerous layouts and styles allows to build of various structures and satisfies any specific requirements. So everything you need is in the Shopify CMS.

So you can avoid expensive web development and minimize your design costs using the Premium Wokiee Shopify theme. Gain full control over your entire website through your own Content Management System that lets you change the navigation, site content, products, images, collections and so much more. Wokiee Premium Shopify Theme is the perfect choice for your website!

Automatic image resize

So you will be able to adjust all images of your website to the same size automatically.

Framework Bootstrap 4

Therefore we have used the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

Color Schemes

Our default color is blue. But it can be simple and easily changed into some other color. As you can see from our demo, we have multiple color schemes.


Our Shopify theme this feature is also presented. So you can align content according to your special localization.

 Slider Revolution

Feel the power of the most popular web developer tool to build various slides. Tons of options, flexibility, and amazing effects.


So our demo is presented in six different languages. Because Shopify is Multilanguage software and you can have your own localization.


Mailchimp is our choice. It is easy to use and adjust, checked by millions of clients.

Easy 1-click install

Our source package contains presets for every layout. So you can install any skin by copying or pasting predefined structures.

General Feature of Wokiee Theme

86+ Homepage Layouts

Predefined structures for your specific needs. They are done in different colors and using different content blocks.

6 Product page variants

What is the most important page in your website store? You are right this is a product page. So it sells your goods and generates your income. Therefore we paid special attention to this part of your website store.

7 Collection page variants

We don’t need to limit our imagination in presenting our own products to the clients. So, we are offering some best layouts for the collection page. So you can select the wished one.

Numerous header variants

Our UX designer combined the best popular header layouts. If you think that we have something missed then please let us know and we will think about adding a new best header according to your particular requirements.

Footer Combinations

Sometimes owners of the websites don’t know and underestimate the value of the footer. Our suggested variants allow the organization of any information from multiple views.


Our developer created convenient functionality for managing the menu according to your own desire. So you can view possible available best layouts on our demo.

3D, VR, YouTube videos

So you can add the Media such as embedded videos, 3D models, and YouTube videos to your Shopify theme product pages.

Banners Section

According to our good experience, it is very important to have flexible settings for adjusting the banner section on the website pages. So we tried to make these blocks very easy in editing.

Color, size, material swatches

Therefore it is impossible to imagine the current e-commerce store without color, size, and material swatches feature. So our team paid special attention to this important part of the product behavior.

Numerous filters

Numerous filters area is admitted based on the tags functionality of the default Shopify CMS. At firstly you need to manage tags then after that, you will be able to organize filters on your collection page.

Quick View

No need to reload the page for viewing all details of products. Now you can save time by just clicking on “eye” and checking the product details in the correspondent popup.

Instagram Shop

This is a trending feature in any new website stores which are integrated with most usual social networks. So you can link it with your Instagram profile and use this section like a gallery.

Custom Product Tabs

Our Wokiee theme functionally allows the organization of different types of tabs on the product page. So you can have general tabs that are common for all products and also you can have specific tabs for every correspondent product.

Size Guide Table

Therefore usually such custom size guide table is necessary for the website store owners who sell clothes. So you can customize this table if you need.

AJAX Filter

What is AJAX? Ajax is a set of Web development techniques on the customer side to build asynchronous Web applications. It means that you don’t need to reload the page to get filtered products.

AJAX Search

Yes, you are able now to review product search results without reloading the page. So make your search fast and sensitive.

AJAX Load More Button

So it is much more boring to have regular standard pagination features on the collection page. That is why we always offered new hot trend best features and load much more buttons. Let’s give your clients the opportunity to view many products without loading the new page.

3 LookBook variants

Create your own sets of multiple products and offer them to your clients on one page in a minimal style. So try it.

Dynamic Checkout Buttons

So you can give your the opportunity for your customers to be able to process the purchase without entering the cart. Direct checkout is dedicated to keeping down the required purchase steps.

Related Products

So you can enlarge your deals conversion using this powerful tool. So we have 3 different options to have related products for your website.


Are your products not ready? It’s no problem. So you can start selling items with our preorder option. So you will achieve money with our theme and its preorder functionality.


Extra feature for presenting your products in the perfect way. The classic Lightbox option allows viewing your products and higher sales conversion. So you can enable or disable this feature on the Product Page.

Count down

Yes, Such a countdown timer helps to make transactions urgently. It builds the illusion of limited product availability. This is called a power marketing tool that can help to increase the conversion of your sales.

Google Rich snippet tool

SEO optimized. Checked by MOZ SEO tool. So don’t worry because your content will be indexed by Google in the best way. Now you will get good rankings. So you don’t need to install any type of other apps to improve the SEO of your website.

Catalog mode

Therefore sometimes clients don’t want to have e-commerce functionality and require to have their inventory like an online show window. So this mode turns off prices, buy-now buttons, checkout, cart, and other special best-shop features.

5 Blog variants

I agree with you that the Blog feature isn’t the main part of the Shopify website store, but in any case, you should always have promotions for your products and then I can assure you that Google like text content, so Blog must have best feature. Chose the desired variant.

Different Custom Pages

So UX designer created many predefined pages – About Us, Contacts, Gallery, 404, FAQ, Typography, and Services. I think it will be enough to build a fully functioning online e-commerce website store.

Mobile optimized

Nowadays mobile traffic is higher compared with desktop. We paid special attention to the mobile view, its behavior, and its functionality.

Advanced Shopify Admin Panel

We have an eye-catching design concept, but I want to mention that we have the same powerful Shopify Admin panel that will make your customization process very simple easy, and comfortable.


The Wokiee theme is a highly versatile and customizable Shopify theme that offers businesses a range of powerful features and functionalities to create a unique and professional online store. With a modern and sleek design, Wokiee provides a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that enhances the shopping experience for customers.

One of the key strengths of Wokiee is its flexibility and customization options. The theme offers businesses the ability to customize various aspects of their online store, including colors, fonts, layout, and more. Additionally, the theme comes with numerous pre-built layouts and templates that make it easy for businesses to create a professional-looking online store quickly.

Overall, the Wokiee theme is an excellent choice for businesses looking to create a unique and professional online store that stands out from the competition. Its customization options, powerful features, and ease of use make it a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes.

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