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REHub Theme-Price Comparison Marketing Community Theme

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REHub Theme-Price Comparison Marketing Community Theme

What is Rehub?

Rehub is a modern WordPress theme that integrates multiple website features and styles such as magazines, blogs, comparison websites, and e-commerce solutions. It was designed to provide a comprehensive toolset for creating a versatile and profitable website. 

The Rehub theme offers advanced integration with popular plugins like WooCommerce, Affiliate Egg, and many others, facilitating an easy setup for affiliate marketing, online stores, and dynamic product comparisons.

REHub Theme is a stylish and modern multipurpose hybrid theme. If you are looking for a theme that covers many modern business models for profitable websites then it is one of those. The theme allows you to customize every part of the theme and you used either separate or combined all in one website. It is build on unique idea based on latest trends and have latest function. The theme is fully responsive and SEO optimized.

Benefits of Using Rehub

Enhanced User Experience

Rehub focuses on user experience, ensuring that the website is accessible, intuitive, and responsive across all devices. The theme is optimized for performance, reducing loading times even when integrating complex features.

Streamlined Monetization

With its strong focus on affiliate marketing and e-commerce, Rehub provides all the tools needed to monetize a website effectively. From multi-vendor marketplace options to specialized advertising spots, the theme allows site owners to maximize their revenue streams.

Community Building

The theme’s robust integration with community plugins makes it ideal for creating an interactive environment. This is particularly valuable for sites focusing on reviews, memberships, and user-generated content.


Use Cases

E-commerce Stores: Enhance product visibility and improve sales with advanced shopping features.

Affiliate Marketing Sites: Create detailed product comparisons and reviews to drive purchases through affiliate links.

Online Magazines: Publish engaging content with attractive, easily navigable layouts.

Business Directories: Set up a comprehensive directory with listings, filters, and maps.


Installation and Setup

Installing Rehub is simple:

Purchase the theme.

Download the theme file and upload it to your WordPress site via the admin panel.

Activate the theme and begin customizing your site using the theme’s extensive admin options and customizer settings.

Features of REHub Theme:

  • Frontend posting, frontend reviews, including limited submissions or paid submit
  • Unique Gutenberg modules
  • Customizable filter panel for all post modules
  • Coupon functions (for posts and for woocommerce)
  • 5 different design layouts for woocommerce offers: grids, columns, sliders, carousels, rows
  • Support for multiple vendors per one product and Price comparison Products
  • Vendor stores locator and product/post map locator, vendor and user filters and categories
  • Membership subscriptions and extended user role restrictions (works with S2Member plugin)
  • Extended Post Layouts
  • Price comparison functions
  • Extended moneymaking functions for earnings on affiliate programs
  • Top review list constructor
  • Top tables constructor, top charts constructor, Top sets pages
  • Specification builder, Company profile builder
  • Responsive table constructor
  • Catalog constructor
  • Visual composer is bundled with >20 custom content modules
  • JSON-LD schema
  • Option to use Adsense optimized layout
  • Quick specifications from Icecat
  • Custom badge system
  • Multicurrency Support

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